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The Barbers on HMS Montagu, 1905, Print

The Barbers on HMS Montagu, 1905, Print

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The Barbers on HMS Montagu, 1905

This print shows a view of two of the ships barbers giving a shave and a hair cut on the quarterdeck of the Duncan class pre-dreadnought battleship HMS MONTAGU (1901).

The image is a photograph is labelled as as 'The barbers' and is in a series of images titled 'Groups in H.M.S. "MONTAGU"' by John Palmer.   

Image Reference Number - AR_1981_176_1_166_v

Product Details 

This is one of a number of prints available from The Box, Plymouth collection.

The images range from oils, photographs, watercolours, and pottery and are printed to order on 250gsm Image Impact paper with delivery direct to your door. 

Images are printed in their original proportions which vary in size and will not be cropped or distorted and as such the image may have a border.

Packaging Details

Prints in A5, A4 and A3 sizes are dispatched in eco-friendly envelopes with a backboard for optimal safeguarding during transit. 

For A2 and A1 prints, we utilise recyclable triangular postal tubes made from robust corrugated board, offering both stability in storage and enhanced protection throughout the postal journey.