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Kate On The Case

Kate On The Case

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Mystery and tigers on the (almost) Orient Express.

‘You’re Kate! Special Correspondent! Daughter of one of the most successful Arctic explorers in the world! If you don’t find a way out of this and solve this mystery, I’ll do it myself!’

Young detective Kate and her mouse-accomplice Rupert are on board a train, to visit Kate’s mum in the Arctic.

But as soon as the train departs, mysterious things start happening.

A packet of ginger nuts goes missing . . .

A collection of gymnastics trophies is stolen . . .

And some ancient scrolls disappear . . .

Fellow passenger Madame Maude seems the most likely culprit, until a surprising – and delicious – twist turns the whole investigation on its head.

First in a witty three-book series about a bold young detective and a colourful cast of suspects, in a setting worthy of Agatha Christie.

Pages: 160